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      Hlavní stranaMezinárodní spolupráceFast and reliable molecular analysis device and method...

      Fast and reliable molecular analysis device and method which guarantee affordable costs in comparison with current genetic tests

      Datum: 3.1.2020 


      A Spanish SME has developed and patented a device for the analysis of genetic sequences that allows fast, reliable and selective identification of nucleic acids without performing neither electrophoresis nor sequencing assays, reducing both analysis duration and economic cost. The SME is looking for strategic partners interested in licensing or acquiring their technology along with technical support.

      Reference: TOES20190904002

      Country: Spain

      Submitted: 3. 1. 2020

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      Technology: Diagnostics, Diagnosis; Gene - DNA Therapy; Medical Research; Medical Technology / Biomedical Engineering

      Market: Diagnostic services; Molecular diagnosis; Other diagnostic

      NACE: Research and experimental development on biotechnology


      Technologické nabídky a?poptávky zpracovává BIC Plzeň, partner sítě?Enterprise Europe?Network.



      OPPI, MPO, EU

      CEBIO a I. etapa JVTP

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      Jiho?eská agentura pro podporu inova?ního podnikání o.p.s.

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