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      Protein nano- or microparticles as artificial inclusion bodies for drug delivery

      Datum: 6.3.2020 


      A Spanish biomedical research networking center has developed a new drug-delivery system comprising protein microparticles that mimic the protein release features of IBs (inclusion bodies) and the human hormone secretory system.? It will be used for the treatment of cancer, and any other pathology requiring intracellular or extracellular protein delivery, looking to establish license, research cooperation or joint venture agreements.

      Reference: TOES20200212002

      Country: Spain

      Submitted: 6. 3. 2020

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      Technology: Pharmaceutics; Pharmaceutical Products / Drugs; Medical Biomaterials; Biological Nanomaterials

      Market: Other Genetic Engineering; Molecular design; Micro- and Nanotechnology related to Biological sciences; Oncology; Pharmaceuticals/fine chemicals

      NACE: Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products; Other research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering


      Technologické nabídky a?poptávky zpracovává BIC Plzeň, partner sítě?Enterprise Europe?Network.



      OPPI, MPO, EU

      CEBIO a I. etapa JVTP

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